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The intended purpose of agriculture is to consistently supply food that is safe for consumption. The ideal form of agriculture, as stated by Dr. Higa, ...

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EMRO conducts microbial research specially related to EM(Effective Microorganisms) developed by Dr. Higa. EM, which was basically developed as an ...

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EMRO conducts microbial research specially related to EM(Effective Microorganisms) developed by Dr. Higa. EM, which was basically developed as an ...

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Please contact your local EM distributor first to avoid delay in reply. Your local distributor can be found at Worldwide partners. ...

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Main Menu. Home · About EM · What is EM? Microorganisms in EM · EM in Ecosystem · Dr. Higa's philosophy · EM Products · EM1 · Activated materials ...

Cleaning swimming pools

The applications of EM were all it took to eliminate the need for chemicals and removed both foul odors and slime from the pools. ...

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Microorganisms have flourished on the earth for at least 3.8 Ga (Ga= 109 years) of its 4.5 Ga existence. They formed the first biosphere and continue to carry out a multitude of essential geochemical activities that prepared the Earth for the eventual evolution of macroscopic life

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EM Earth carries broad selection of products using EM, or Effective Microorganisms. Created by Dr. Higa, these are beneficial microorganisms that remove harmful toxins and pollution, and restore nature's microbial balance through a natural and organic process. They have what Dr. Emoto calls hado energy - a regenerative magnetic resonance field that enhances life simply through its presence. EM is
Providing information and discussion about the Earth Changes, the pending Pole shift, and how to prepare for this event.
TeraGanix is the exclusive North American distributor for Dr Higa's Effective Microorganisms EM-1 technology for personal health, gardening & agriculture.
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